F.C. Truman Ties SIUE

Kirksville, MO – Coming off of a tie against the #2 ranked team in the nation (Mizzou), Truman was unable to catch a rhythm against SIUE, tying 1-1.


Starting the game off strong, Truman dominated with possession and composure on the ball. With an offense lead by seniors Curt Ooton and Mike Pierro, Truman looked like they were going to score early on. However, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (SIUE) settled down and moved the ball well through the midfield. By halftime, both teams were unable to find the net.


Coming off a head injury in the Mizzou game, Mike Manougian came in to help give Truman a spark. Within just 10 minutes of the second half, senior Alistair Kwenin, received the ball at the top of the 18-yard box and with tremendous on-the-ball strength, Kwenin was able to get through a defender and strike the ball just past the left side of the keeper. After scoring, Truman struggled to retain possession and it was with 9-minutes left that SIUE received a free kick just outside the 18-yard box, only to strike a shot into the upper right side of the goal to make it even. Time ran out before any team could make another move and Truman had to settle for a 1-1 draw.


F.C. Truman now has a respectable 1-0-2 league record and will look to regain their proper form with a couple of games next weekend. They face off against Washington University Friday at home (7PM) and play at SIUE on Saturday (1PM).


Player of the Match: Alistair Kwenin


F.C. Truman Ties Mizzou 1-1

Kirksville, MO –¬†There’s not a whole lot more any spectator could want from a soccer game like that other than a decisive winner.


Senior Captain, Mike Manougian, scored the only goal for Truman with brilliant strength on the ball. It ended up that Mike broke the goalie’s jaw in 4 places when he went up for the ball but was also hurt himself. The goalie had sank his teeth into the side of Mike’s head leaving a 2.5″ cut that bled like the dickens, leaving quite the sight. Of course, in Mike’s world, it was just a scratch, so he kept playing after we wrapped his head like a mummy. Mizzou was forced to put in their backup keeper. About 10 minutes later, Mizzou answered with a a nice header making the score even at 1-1. The game remained scoreless, but stayed intense with brilliant runs and plays from both sides.


Late in the game, Mike went up for another headball only to be met with a nasty blow from a Mizzou player putting him on the ground. He was seemingly shaken and everyone took notice. After escorting him off the field, Curt Ooton received a red card near the end of the game in hopes to pump up the team, yet the game was nearly at a close and the whistle was blown before the game could truly be decided.


The first half was dominated with excellent ball movement and prowess from Truman F.C. putting Mizzou back on their heels only to have opportunities through sparse counter attacks. The second half failed to produce the same sort of ball movement, but kept the intensity as 7 yellow cards and 1 red card were shown between both sides.


With another game on Sunday, some people ask if Mike will be able to play, but no doubt, Truman F.C. will destroy SIUE! The game will be held at Stokes Stadium (1PM).


Player of the Match: Mike Manougian