Fall 2014 Midseason Update

The team faced a disheartening away weekend with a couple of losses against Washington University and Mizzou. After going down early against Washington University, the team battled back after half. Unfortunately, as Truman flooded forward, gaps in the defense were exposed which allowed Washington University to maintain their lead against goals from Pashia and Phillips and come out with the 3 points.

The following day, the team traveled to Columbia to face Mizzou. While Truman matched Mizzou’s technical play, the physical battle went Mizzou’s way. Two well-worked goals from Mizzou against the Bulldog’s missed changes gave the TigersĀ the 3 points.

After a disappointing away weekend, Truman began a run of four home games with two wins against SIU-E and SLU. A heated game versus SIU-E favored a resilient, young Truman team which came back from 2 goals down at half. A 90th minute headerĀ from the freshman Tony Abbacci sealed the 3 points for the Bulldogs.

With momentum, Truman took on SLU. Goals from Schuchardt, Eaton, B. Hansell and Parthasarathy in the first half gave Truman a commanding lead. Fielding a youth side the second half, the Bulldogs added one more to the tally from Schulz in the closing minutes.

With 6 points from the past two games, Truman is looking to extend their run against Mizzou at Stokes Stadium and better their chances of qualifying for Regionals.

Fall 2014 Update

After picking up a new class of players, the team looked to quickly build chemistry and start the season with SIU-E and SLU.


The team started off strongly with a 3-0 win over SIU-E. Goals from the veterans Andrew Ahlers, Austin Werths and Tyler Payton coupled with stonewall defending helped the team overcome a difficult opponent on a tricky surface.


With a 3-0 win on the board, Truman F.C. headed into the heart of Midtown, St. Louis to take on Saint Louis University. Both teams had opportunities spread across the two halves but astute defending held the game at to a draw.


Though the team hoped for 6 points from the weekend, 4 points from two, tough road games satisfied the developing team. Strong performances from the new boys on the opening weekend has the team dreaming of a Halloween weekend in Dallas, Texas.